"Guy, the geckos have arrived and are doing great! The male is beautiful,
he's even kinda friendly, walked right onto my arm this morning when I was trying to grab
the food dish. Thank you so much for everything!"
Happy customer

"I just got the little bugger and he's doing fine... just what I've been looking for, a dark
backed pinner with reduced pattern. I'm really impressed w/ him and can't wait for him to finish
growing. Thanks for the great service and communication, I'll be buying from you again for sure!"
Happy customer, New York, NY

"Just got the Leachies and they are both great and I love em... we will definitely do
business again. I'm thrilled. Erik is terrific...Good to see the are a few competent people
out there. I'm really impressed and if you ever need a reference I'm there."
Happy customer, Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks for the great delivery and packaging. The leachies were much bigger than I expected
and were in great health. I'm glad I picked up two instead of just one. The colors are
much more vibrant than ones that I've seen sold elsewhere. Thanks again!"
Happy customer, Brooklyn, NY

"I received the geckos. Like you said, they were anxious to get out of their
containers for sure lol I set them up in their enclosures and there just chillin now.  
Thank you for the high quality geckos"
Happy customer, Oakley, CA

"Hey Guy, the geckos just arrived and everyone is ok,
they're beautiful. Thank you for everything!"

Happy customer, New Albany, IN

"Got the gecko and s/he is PERFECT! I love him! Looks good too, maybe
a little traumatized after the UPS delay but I am sure he will bounce right back!
Great job packing the little guy, I’m sure it helped a lot. Thanks for everything!"
Happy customer, Gainesville, FL

"Hey Guy, just got the geckos and just like you said, the big female is
just full of personality! When I get them settled,
I'll tell u everything. Very, very, happy!"
Happy customer, Portland, OR

"Hey Guy, I just got her.
What a beautiful Leachie!"

Happy customer, Westminster, CO

"I just got the boy and he’s awesome!
We will be doing business again for sure… Thanks"

Happy customer, Fairview, PA

"The gecko has arrived!  
He's in great shape and not freaked out at all,
looks even better than his pics!"
Happy customer, Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Guy, I just wanted to thank you for meeting us yesterday and delivering the gecko.
My son hasn't stopped watching and looking at it since we came home last night.
Thanks again we'll be back in touch soon for more!"
Happy customer, Sun City, CA

"The Leachie just arrived and he is live and well.
I am very happy with him, he's perfect!!
Thanks for everything"
Happy customer, Ada, MI

"Guy, I just got the Chahouas and they’re amazing! Thank u so much, they are absolutely
beautiful animals! I just got them settled in their new homes they all started eating right
away lol so I can tell they are extremely healthy and were well cared for. Thanks again"
Happy customer, Rochester, NY

"Just wanted to let you know I received my Cresties today and they are
absolutely stunning! I can’t believe the crests on the male!!!
I am really pleased with them all. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Happy customer, England

"Hi Guy, thanks for sending the tracking number. I can’t wait to finally
get the geckos, I will e-mail you as soon as they arrive.
Thanks again, you have been great to work with!"
Happy customer, Fort Collins, CO

"Hey guy! Just got all the new little kids settled in and I have to say...WOW.
Double wow! I'm so excited to have these super stunners!
Funny, I forgot how TEENY little geckos were...I always do! Thanks a million!"
Happy customer, Fort Collins, CO

"Hey Guy, the Geckos just got here safe and sound. All are gorgeous;
love the Dalmatian and the Pinner babies are AWESOME!
I look forward to buying more from you in the future"
Happy customer, St. Louis, MO

"Guy is awesome to work with!
Bump for an awesome herper!"

Happy customer, Fort Collins, CO

"I bought a 1.2 trio at the Reptile Super Show from Guy, he had the best looking
Cresteds there. Getting ready to look for more and will for sure be on the Guyco site
to see what other female I want. Thanks Guy."
Happy customer, Southern CA

"Hey Guy, this is Larry with the Flavi, nice meeting you at the Reptile Super Show.
Those Cresteds I picked up from you are badass! I still got the Flavi,
so hit me up when you're ready. Thanks Bro!"
Happy customer, Southern CA

"Whewww....the Chahoua arrived safe and sound and she looks great! Thank you
so much for working so hard putting this together! I love her! Can't wait to get her
home and in her new cage. Thank you, thank you, thank you"
Happy customer, Salt Lake City, UT

"Just wanted to let you know everyone is doing well in their new home.
The Gargoyles are awesome with a great demeanor and temperament, great patterns
and nice coloration. I couldn't be happier with them thanks for the great deal."
Happy customer, Southern CA

"I just bought a pair of Gargoyles from Guy and I love them.
They showed up very healthy and better than expected!
Top notch seller, I will definitely buy from him again.”
-Blog Post

“I got her this morning and she looks great, even better the expected! 
Let me know if you have any more red gargs,
I’ll definitely be buying from you again.  Thanks!”
Happy customer, Sacramento, CA

"Okay the Geckos just got here and they look amazing , thanks Guy!
I will definitely be checking your website out when
I want more crested, especially the Dalmatians, they're killers!"
Happy customer, Lake Villa, IL

“Guy, I just received the red male and he looks great! 
I have him all set up in his new tub and will keep you posted his progress."
Thanks for everything!"
Happy customer, Sacramento, CA

“Guy, all the Geckos delivered in great condition.
They are awesome! Thanks for everything”
Happy customer, Bend, OR

“Thank you Guy, it's been a pleasure dealing with you so far
and I haven’t even gotten the Geckos yet, I can’t wait”
Happy customer, Lake Villa, IL