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Crested Geckos

Crested geckos offer the largest variety of colors of all the New Caledonian Geckos. The colors and patterns are dramatic and when combined with each other create some incredible combinations. Below are multiple examples of different types and crosses including a Crested/Chahoua cross the combination of which is stunning.

Crested typically exhibit a minimal pattern or sometimes a slight tiger type pattern and come in a variety of colors including; Red, Buckskin, Orange, Yellow, Olive & Chocolate (Mocha) to name a few. Below are a few examples of the different color varieties.

Bicolors are generally patternless but with a slightly lighter head and darker body. Bi-color is usually seen in red, orange, olive and buckskin.

Flames or Fires as they are also known can be any color, but their dorsal is usually lighter in color than their body. The rest of the body shows side patterning that resemble flames coming up from the belly up the sides.

Harlequins will have patterning on the sides, limbs and feet. There is also a super form known as an Extreme Harlequin which adds 30-40% more color/pattern including marking on the limbs and feet.

Tigers come in a variety of colors. Red tigers are somewhat rare due to the fact that when they fire up, the red pigment usually overrides the dark pattern tiger stripes. Yellow tigers are the most striking due to their high contrast. There is also a super form of this trait called Brindle these carry an extreme form of the tiger pattern and are also known as “super tigers” if the pattern is more bold than normal.

Dalmatian spots are considered an independent trait. Spots can vary in size and color, with black spots being the most common. A gecko with abundance of spots or exceptionally large spots can be described as a “super dalmatian”. This level needs 50+ spots to qualify.

Chevrons are flames that have step-stone like “v” (chevron) shaped patterns on their backs. This term best describes the dorsal pattern for this more.

Pinstripes are considered a single, independent trait whereas a morph is generally a group of traits or specific look like flame, tiger or harlequin. There are varying grades of pinstripe from a 100% perfect pin to (no breaks in the crests), 99% (one break), 98% (two breaks) down to partial pin depending on the amount of highlighted scales that make up the dorsal striping. Variations on the classic pinstripe are Phantom pinstripe whereby the pinstriping is the same base color as the sides, Fader, where the crests fade from one color to another and Reverse pinstripe a trait where pinstripes are absent or reverse from being highlighted where a classic pinstripe would be highlighted scales. Lateral stripes refer to stripes along the sides of the gecko and is usually seen on a classic pinstripe.

Color Combos
Outside of the above there are other patterns and colors that are a striking contrast from the norm. These color combos are rare and best describe the geckos color with common names like Blonde, Lavendar, Halloween, Cream and there are other combinations like Mocha/Cream (Chocolate/Cream), Creamsicle (Orange/Cream) and Tri-color a striking combination of browns, yellows, oranges and sometimes red.

Crested gecko hybrids are cross breedings between other New Caledonian geckos that are combinations of each individual species. Just like dogs, crossing these geckos produces a unique group of manmade animals not typically found in the wild. The viability of these has been determined to be low since, to our knowledge, each of the animals produced are sterile and are unable to reproduce offspring. Illustrated here is a Crested X Chahoua cross.

Gargoyle Gecko

Gargoyle Geckos now come in a variety of color from Reticulated patterned to striped. There are also marbled which is a combination of the Reticulated and Striped varieties and a Spotted version as well. Below are specific examples of the different color variations.


M. Chahoua

There are basically two types of Chahoua, Pine Island and Mainland. Pine Island tend to be more mossy color with Greens, Whites, and Browns and Mainlands typically have more red and pink tones. The eye on the Mainland is also slightly larger and more pronounced. Below are specific examples of the two localities.


R. leachianus

Leachianus geckos come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the locality and bloodline you are working with. The two basic types are Grand Terre, from the main island of New Caledonia and Offshore or Henkeli. Offshore Leachianus are generally smaller but more colorful and their temperaments a little more passive. Below are examples of Nuu Ana, an offshore variety.


C. sarasinorum

Sarasinorum geckos are large slender geckos that come in a few different color variations. Normals are typically Brown with fine black markings throughout their body. There are also Blonde and White Collar Sara’s that are more rare in the trade. A few people are also working with a Yellow Belly variety which is yet to be proven as an inheritable trait.


Knobtail Geckos

Knobtails are incredible little geckos that come in two basic types, smooth and rough. Smooth types like N. levis levis, N. milii, N. deleani, N. laevissimus, N. occidentalis, N. levis pilbarensis and N. stellatus are all smooth types with N. wheeleri cinctus and N. amyae being rough textured. Below are a few of the more common species, N. Milii, N. levis levis and N. wheeleri.