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Chahoua Gecko, Mniarogekko chahoua

Commonly known as the Mossy New Caledonian, short-snouted or Chahoua gecko is an arboreal gecko found natively on the southern portion of the island of New Caledonia and on the outlying islands of Ile de Pines and Grande Terre. M. chahoua is currently being evaluated by CITES as a possible candidate for protective status. M. chahoua gets its common name from the moss or lichen-like pattern it displays. Colors range from rusty red and brown to green or gray. There has been some notation that color could possibly be a geographic indicator in this species as the geckos from the outer islands most often display the lighter gray patterns. It commonly reaches a snout to vent length (SVL) of 5.5 inches.

M. chahoua, like all of the New Caledonian geckos are omnivores. Their diet in the wild consists of various insects and fruits. They may also consume small lizards as part of their natural diet.

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Mniarogekko chahoua

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